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Jerry Swon has a longstanding interest in volunteering and community involvement.

Month: April 2019

5 Opportunities To Volunteer Abroad Jerry Swon

5 Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad

When given the opportunity to volunteer abroad, I highly recommend you cease the chance. Volunteering abroad provides allows you to travel the world and experience new things all while impacting the lives of others. Unlike volunteering domestically, international volunteering requires you to be fully immersed in a new culture. Your time spent volunteering abroad will […]

Finding A Volunteer Niche Jerry Swon

The Ideal Method to Finding A Volunteer Niche

Looking for volunteer opportunities is one of the easiest searches one can do, generally. Local communities will never be at a loss for needing help, and the resources available to find that work are readily accessible. Different sources one may use to search for these opportunities include local community centers, local community colleges, bulletin boards, […]

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