Jerry Swon, a financial consultant with more than three decades of professional experience, has balanced his career with personal interests in volunteer work and community involvement. He created this blog to share some of the lessons he has learned. To learn more about his career, head over to his professional overview website. To learn about Jerry’s nonprofit work within his local community, keep reading!

Over the years Jerry Swon has worked alongside a variety of charity and youth organizations, all with the goal of empowering individuals and strengthening communities. He volunteers at Market Street Mission, a housing shelter and food bank in Morristown, New Jersey, and regularly contributes to First Choice Women’s Resource pregnancy center (which has a Morristown location in addition to other spots throughout New Jersey). He is driven by a variety of causes that shape people’s lives and impact the local areas that can help them thrive.

In addition to this type of community involvement, Jerry oversaw the revival of the New Jersey Rockets. Jerry’s dedication to this youth hockey program — which had previously been inactive for a decade — led to its renewed success in 1990. The program, meant for sixteen year old to twenty year old players, has once again become a cornerstone of its community. To this day it is known as an important source of local pride. The New Jersey Rockets have even included three draftees who went on to National Hockey League teams or their affiliates. An avid golfer and all-around sports enthusiast himself, Jerry has cherished the opportunity to provide this exciting outlet for talented youth and support athletic endeavors in general.

On this blog, Jerry Swon will share some of his experiences and insights regarding volunteer work in his local community and beyond. Whether you are interested in particular organizations or you simply need some inspiration on how to best lend a helping hand to people around you, keep up with this blog for tips!

More About Jerry Swon

Jerry earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1972. After he graduated, he quickly immersed himself in the business world, earning fiscal and management roles with several financial firms over the years. As someone who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, Jerry also worked on companies from the ground up: he co-founded Tax Transfer Corporation and was a founding executive of Millennium Biotechnologies Group, Inc. (now Inergetics, Inc.).