Communities hold great importance to our lives. Looking at your own life, you will notice that you are a part of multiple communities, like school, work, or church. One of the reasons why these groups have such an impact on our lives is due to the interaction that the organization’s members have with one another. Engagement with your community is not something that can happen overnight. To increase interaction within your own community, try implementing the following strategies.

Get to Know Your “Neighbors” 

Whether you are talking to your neighbor who lives next door or the friendly florist in town, it is beneficial to know who makes up your community. When someone new comes to town, find a moment to introduce yourself and learn a little bit about the person. Getting to know the people that live around you, helps to form relationships and bonds with more ease.

Compose and Send Out a Community Newsletter 

A great way to increase interaction is to let others know when there are planned events or meetings. A monthly newsletter allows members of your community to be connected and kept up to date as possible. Although it will require some work on your end, a newsletter helps to announce events, share thoughts, help create a community dialogue. To create your own community newsletter, start by forming a newsletter committee. Once your newsletter committee is formed, decide on what information you would like to include and delegate who gets what roles. From there, you have to set a few deadlines, and soon enough you will be ready to publish and share your newsletter with all members of your community.

Create and Hold Regular Events 

Events are a great opportunity for community members to engage and interact with each other on a personal level. Events can range from simple to intricate. A community barbeque or potluck may be a good event to first coordinate, while a community-wide fundraiser may be something you will want to visit further down the road.

Create a Community Center 

If your town doesn’t have one already, create a petition to build a community center. A community center can offer a variety of benefits including boosting the local economy, providing a meeting space, and keeping adolescents safe. More often than not, community centers help encourage participation and engagement by hosting events, activities, and even classes.  Community centers can also help motivate residents to become more involved with volunteering.