Giving back to your city, town, or neighborhood through community service can be both fun and rewarding for the entire family and beneficial to your local community as well. Helping others who are in need, or beautifying or city through community service work as a family can also strengthen bonds between parents and siblings. Community service also makes you feel better about yourself through the joy of giving. If you’re considering community service for you and your family, here are 6 ideas that will make your family happier and stronger and your community a better place live.

Give food, serve food

Donating food to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen is a great way to help others in need, but serving food to the homeless in addition to donating food is a great way for families to bond as a unit and it can help foster an attitude of gratefulness in young adults and children.

Assist senior citizens

Assist seniors with household tasks such as mowing the lawn, painting, and household chores. Many seniors have a lot of wisdom, and life experiences to share which can be beneficial to you and your family and entertaining as well.

Clean up a park

Get together as a family and clean up your favorite park by picking up trash. You can make the experience even more memorable by having a family picnic after your service work is complete.

Plant trees and flowers

Find areas around your neighborhood that could use a little sprucing up and plant trees or flowers. Visit your local home improvement store as a family to select the type of flowers, plants, or trees you would like to plant. Planting as a family not only allows you the opportunity to beautify your neighborhood, it provides an educational opportunity for you and your family to learn about plants and growing.

Volunteer to help animals in need

Visit your local animal shelter and volunteer to clean up kennels and cages and feed homeless cats and dogs. Children love animals. Helping animals in need of love and attention is a great way for families to grow closer while helping the local community.

Organize a Christmas toy drive

Everyone loves receiving gifts at Christmas time. Organizing a Christmas toy drive with your family is a good way to teach children about the joys of giving and helping children who are less fortunate. Collect new toys around your neighborhood or take donations to buy toys, and donate them to your local shelter or to families in need.