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Being a Treasurer for a Youth Sports Team

The team treasurer plays a very important role on a youth sports team. They make sure that the team has the funds it needs to function, and they need to be prepared to make a time commitment of three to seven hours each week.

What the Team Treasurer Does at the Beginning of the Season

First, the team treasurer needs to open a bank account and create a budget. It is important to consider all of the possible expenses and plan for them. This way, they can determine what each family needs to contribute and when it needs to happen.

Be sure to include team fees, any coaching fees, equipment costs, tournament costs, uniforms, and more. Once you know the expenses, divide it up by player and then set the payments. Deposit the payments into the team bank account, and be sure not to mix this with your own finances.

What the Team Treasurer Does During the Season

During the season, the treasurer needs to collect the money owed to the team. They should collect from player payments as well as any money from sponsorships or fundraisers. They need to decide whether they will limit payments to checks and cash or whether they will include online payments and credit cards. Some parents may prefer to pay online, and this can make the process easier for the treasurer and parents.

They will also pay the bills for the team and keep track of the expenses. The best way to do this is to have a spreadsheet or another format with all of the expenses listed and categorized. It can be compared to the budget so that adjustments can be made if necessary. This information should always be shared with the parents so that everyone knows where the finances stand.

Finally, they need to deal with unexpected situations that could arise. If one player quits the team, they may need to adjust the budget. There might be increased fees that you didn’t plan on. They need to address these issues as they arise. At the end of the season, they need to decide what to do with any extra money. They may distribute it back to the family or keep it for the team.

Why Your Company Should Sponsor a Youth Sports Team

Youth sports are a great way to get a company’s name, reach a specific demographic, and foster positive relationships with customers, employees, and community members.

Sponsoring a team can also be a fun way to better know their employees and customers and give them a sense of purpose and camaraderie.


Reasons to support a youth sports team

Sponsorships can help companies reach their target market: By sponsoring a youth sports team, they can tap into the lives of many people who frequently interact with their company. These people include employees, customers, and community members. Sponsoring a team can help them reach their target market and promote their brand.


To foster a more inclusive culture: A sports team can help build an inclusive culture by bringing together a wide range of people. Sports teams often include people of diverse backgrounds and provide a common ground for people of different genders, races, religions, or sexual orientations to come together.


To help build strong workplace relationships: When employees and customers see companies brand featured on the sports gear of their local team, they’re sending a message that their company is invested in the community and cares about the wellbeing of its employees and customers.


A sponsorship relationship with a youth sports team can have a lasting impact: Research has shown that the longer a business partner stays with a company, the more likely the partner will acquire the company. This means that a sports team sponsorship can have a lasting impact on the company by helping to build the business’s culture and brand.


Increased Name Recognition: When a company sponsors a youth sports team, they associate their company’s name with a particular sport and the athletes who participate in it. This can give the company a more professional image and strengthen its reputation as a trustworthy business.


Increased Brand Awareness: When a company sponsors a sports team, they’re also growing their organization’s visibility on local sports broadcasts and websites, which can help increase brand awareness.


Improved Employee Morale: When employees see their favorite sports team wearing their company’s logo on the jersey, they will feel more comfortable discussing their job with their colleagues. This can increase employee morale and retention.


Greater Customer Loyalty: When companies sponsor a sports team, they connect with their customers and build brand loyalty. This can increase the sales of their products and services.




When companies sponsor a sports team, they associate the company’s name with a particular sport and the athletes who participate in it. This can give the company a more professional image and strengthen its reputation as a trustworthy business.


Making a large donation to a youth sports team is a great way to get its name out there for free and help build a company’s reputation.            


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