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Virtual Fundraising Ideas

The social distancing regulations are still in effect in most states, although they have been loosened in some parts of the country. That being the case, it’s not business as usual for many companies and organizations, including nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofit organizations are reducing their fundraising efforts significantly or completely as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. If this is true for your nonprofit organization, remember that all is not lost. The virtual world has not changed, and you can still utilize it for your fundraising efforts. Here are three ideas.


1. Virtual Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser


A virtual fundraising campaign can be built using existing social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others. A fundraising page can quickly be designed using these networks, and the word will quickly get out to those interested in participating. When each individual involved in the fundraising has a social media account of their own, the word will get out even faster. Each person involved can create their particular fundraising page on any one of these platforms and connect with a multitude of people and organizations willing to donate.


2. Virtual Discussions Fundraiser


The social isolation people have to endure can be used to the benefit of your fundraising attempts. You can use virtual meeting tools like Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom to set up small discussion groups and center the discussion around topics concerning your cause. Once you have everyone signed in and participating, you can request contributions. It’s up to you and/or your team just how guests will be solicited for donations. You can do this by embedding a link in the meeting system you’re using.


3. Virtual Cooking Lesson Fundraiser


This is a time when more people than usual are willing to sit down and learn new skills. Food preparation has become a necessity for many who regularly used restaurants for themselves and their families’ meals before this pandemic began. Everyone loves eating, and many have had to learn to cook recently. Take advantage of the situation by setting up a virtual cooking lesson fundraiser. Simply live-stream the lessons and use that as a way to pull people in. This kind of fundraising isn’t limited to just cooking, either. There are many creative crafts you can use to get your audience’s attention and, hopefully, financial support.

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How to Help Vulnerable Populations

The daily headlines are discouraging. Yet, as in times past, Americans are rising up to the occasion by helping fellow citizens in need. However, more help is needed. In this era of social distancing, agencies who need volunteers are adjusting their donation protocols so that those who wish to volunteer can so.


If you would like to contribute to the COVID-19 response, below are five ways you can contribute today.


  1. Donate to United Way’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund. It provides access to food, shelter and more to the most vulnerable Americans wherever they live. Your financial support goes directly to those efforts.


  1. Make a financial or in-kind donation to the Salvation Army. It provides food, shelter, childcare, and snacks to first responders, among other efforts. Specific instructions on how to donate can be found on their website.


  1. Ronald McDonald House Charities is accepting financial and in-kind donations that are specific to local and international chapters. Its mission is to support families with housing and meals who are away from home to be with their sick children. In the wake of COVID-19, they are also repurposing space to accommodate medical staff responding to this crisis.


  1. Meals on Wheels is in need of volunteers to deliver meals to senior citizens. They are also accepting financial gifts towards the cost of doing the same. If you’re interested, contact your local chapter. They need your help.


  1. The Red Cross is in dire need of volunteers. The agency is still accepting donations of blood, yet in very different ways amid COVID-19. They need help in many ways, so it is best to visit their website and find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. They even have a need for virtual volunteers, which means you can help from home.


They are also requesting blood donations from survivors of COVID-19. Healthcare providers want to study the antibodies that helped them recover in the race towards a cure for other COVID-19 victims.


Despite the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, there is still much work to be done, and people around the world need you. What has been shown in times past is that one of the most effective tools during a time of crisis is a helping hand.

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