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Js Guidelines For Halloween In New Jersey

Guidelines for Halloween in New Jersey

This year has been anything but normal. As the pandemic continues to unfold well into autumn  many families are wondering how Halloween will be celebrated. In New Jersey children who look forward to trick-or-treating can breathe a sigh of relief as the Governor, Phil Murphy, has officially stated that Halloween will not be canceled. Despite the concerns that the coronavirus has caused New Jersey residents will be able to hit the streets for candy. 


With that being said, Governor Murphy and the state Department of Health have provided guidelines for the revled holiday. For the families who are choosing to venture out on Halloween weekend the state has asked that masks which cover both the nose and the mouth are worn. Costume masks are not to be considered a replacement for the regular disposable or cloth face masks that are worn in schools and businesses. 


Furthermore, officials at the Department of Health have asked that any and all Halloween parties are held either outside while practicing social distancing guidelines or online, on platforms such as Zoom. 


For homeowners who wish to pass out treats on Halloween it is suggested that candy is arranged in a way that limits the number of times each treat is touched by children. One idea is to put the treats in their own individual baggies so that the number of little fingers rifling through the same candy dishes is limited. Families who are walking from house to house on Halloween are asked to limit the groups that they travel in to only the members of their own household. People who still want to be able to greet their neighborhood trick or treaters in person should wear masks, stay distanced and wash their hands often. 


Of course, besides trick or treating, Halloween is usually the time of year for hayrides and haunted houses. This year, state officials are asking New Jersey residents to avoid attending indoor events such as the typical haunted house and anyone still choosing to host an event is encouraged to stagger the number of visitors by selling tickets early or staggering the allotted number of guests. Hayrides should also limit the number of people per ride. 

While the restrictions may make Halloween in New Jersey appear a bit different this year, there are many people who are still looking forward to celebrating this spooky season. Check out what your local area is doing to keep everyone safe and make sure to follow all of the recommended guidelines.

Festive Ways To volunteer in The Fall Jerry Swon

Festive Ways to Volunteer In The Fall

There are so many opportunities for volunteering in the community during the fall. With seasonal events held regularly and community celebrations happening, volunteers can really make a difference this time of year. Best of all the cooler weather seems to bring more smiles of the face of volunteers!

Although we are only in September, October is right around the corner. A festive and fun opportunity to volunteer this fall is by organizing a trick-or-treating expedition for any underprivileged children in the area. Children’s groups are a good place to start. They may be in need of volunteers for Halloween day/night.

Another place where people can really make a difference is at nursing/retirement homes. Those who have children dressing up for Halloween are encouraged to take their kids there, in costume. This is also an activity that can be organized for the children in the neighborhood, as a group. The residents of nursing/retirement homes often enjoy seeing the children in their costumes and briefly interacting with them.

Other ways to help out in any community include starting a collection for a local charity. March of Dimes and Trick-Or-Treat UNICEF are both non-profit organizations that will likely appreciate the help. Getting people in the community to donate what they can is enough to make a difference in the holiday season.

Food banks always need donations, but this is especially true in the fall when the holiday season is about to begin. They are often happy to work with the public to run a food drive. People are generally more open to donating to this type of cause. Getting friends and neighbors together is an effective way to ensure local food banks have all the supplies they need for the season.

Charities aren’t just looking for food donations. Fall also brings with it cooler weather that requires warner clothes. The Warm Coats Warm Hearts Drive collects coats to give to those in need in communities all over the country. Another non-profit that needs help during the fall is The Pajama Program. This program ensures that local children have warm pajamas. It is always in need of volunteers to help organize and run events related to its cause.

These are just a few of the ways that people can volunteer during the fall season. Doing so can create a sense of appreciation and gratitude that only serves to enhance the meaning of the season.

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